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Bobby and Nikki are one of the very early ‘adopters’ or pioneers of surrogacy medical tourism with our original websites www.oneinsix.com and www.indiansurrogacy.com In fact we were helping couples become parents whilst we were habitually failing our own surrogacy attempts!

We help where we can, even to those going to other clinics. Our reputation for frankness and honesty is what endears us to every email we receive and we remember them all too vividly. We shall not forget our original purpose of what we started out to do in 2000 and why god took us to umpteenth failures before our first child. Had we succeeded on our very first surrogacy attempt then you would not be reading this and most probably not know where to turn and who to trust in the volatile world of surrogacy.

Some say we have an affinity for childless couples and that it is our calling and duty. We were blessed with two wonderful children should we then turn our backs on the very people, doctors and services whom have helped us? Childlessness is a disease and we have been given an opportunity to not only help intended parents realize their dreams but to also fulfill our destiny and payback the debt we owe god.

As with everything, fate brought us to this point as way back in 2005 when we helped a patient with their surrogacy a friendship was formed and this eventually led to us tying our services with a Kenyan Clinic. We look forward to helping new patients and form new long lasting friendships with them.

To fulfil your parenthood dreams contact the Ambassadors of Surrogacy for your surrogacy, thank you.

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Answering your questions before it’s even asked. If you like our website and wonder why others are not as clear, precise and upfront we welcome your feedback on home@africansurrogacy.com thank you.

Ambassdors of Surrogacy are an agency working with Mediheal. We help facilitate surrogacy from beginning to end offering our coveted surrogacy experience and knowledge on the surrogacy process