Fertility Clinic

For over a 15 years Bobby & Nikki have been helping couples and promoting clinics. For preferential treatment over and above others you should consider our VIP  service with a well known Kenyan clinic that is offering surrogacy for infertile couples as well as singles.

Note that your IVF process is initially handled in India but India itself does no longer support surrogacy in any meaningful way therefore the Kenyan clinic we have tied with are staffed by experienced Indian doctors so between these two clinics and our VIP service you are in very capable hands.

Anyone who undergoes surrogacy with us will naturally benefit the preferential treatment that our VIP service offers.

  • Springlife Fertility & IVF Centre

    This Indian Centre was opened with a mission to help our clients realize their dream of having a child through a very smooth, affordable and simple IVF process. This Mumbai clinic most probably will be your first port of call.

  • Mediheal Fertility Centre

    This Kenyan Hospital is a leading private healthcare provider with several centers operating in east Africa. Their mission is to provide patients with international standard medical care. Surrogate impregnation and baby delivery to take place in Kenya.

Mediheal Eldoret - Delivery Hospital

Mediheal Nairobi - Pre-delivery

Spring Life Fertility - IVF & Embryo Clinic

The Medical Team


Dr Anjali

Founder, Director of

Springlife Fertility & IVF

Mumbai, India

Dr Khandwala

Medical Director of

Mediheal Nairobi



Dr Jignasha

Senior Embryologist

Mediheal Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya

Nancy Lavaya

Senior Nurse/Co-ordinator

Nairobi, Kenya

Surrogate Handler

Surrogate Handler, Kenya )

Your child will be born in Kenya at the Eldoret Hospital & Fertility Centre in the city of Eldoret. Once discharged and birth certificate collected you and your baby are free to stay anywhere in Kenya although we suggest you stay within easy reach of Nairobi. Some hotel suggestions can be found in the Accommodation page.


Poonam Jain

Surrogacy Lawyer )

To help you to obtain the baby’s passport and visa for exiting Kenya a surrogacy specialist lawyer can help with all your legal work in co-ordinating with the Clinic, Consular and Immigration authorities. Depending on your case the average fees would be in the region of a few thousand dollars. Contact us for further information. Most VIP patients manage without a lawyer hence saving you thousands.


How to start Surrogacy

  • Contact home@africansurrogacy.com
  • Confirm your citizenship status.
  • Gather any recent fertility reports
  • Obtain family doctor letter indicating unable to conceive without third party help.
  • Undergo any blood/semen/hormonal tests described by the clinic.
  • Your surrogacy case will be outlined for you.
  • Pay the first stage by bank transfer.
  • We will help you choose an egg donor (if applicable).
  • Fly to Mumbai/India to deposit semen /own-egg stimulation.
  • Stage Two payment is made.
  • IVF procedure in Mumbai.
  • Implantation of the surrogate in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Stage Three payment is made upon heartbeat.
  • Stage Four payments are made at weeks 12/18/26
  • Fly to Kenya!

For a complete cost breakdown and fee schedule please email us home@africansurrogacy.com or use the form on the right and we’ll be happy to provide you with all the information. Or Whatsapp +44 7869 068248

Example of an email to us

I am 46 and my wife is 41 and live in Scotland. Both UK citizens. We have been married for 14 years and done IVF for several times over the past 6 yrs with 2 miscarriages and many failures.We are thinking of surrogacy using my sperm and my wife’s eggs and then implant into a surrogate mother?Can you advise if this can be done, what procedures will be involved, costs, timescales etc?
Thank you.
Jane Doe

PS – Can I have your ebook please!