How to start Surrogacy at Mediheal, Nairobi

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  • Confirm Your Citizenship/Residential/Marital status.
  •  Scan any recent fertility reports.
  • Obtain family doctor letter indicating unable to conceive and reason.
  • Undergo any tests described by the clinic.
  • Your surrogacy case will be outlined for you.
  • Pay first stage fees by bank transfer & complete Mutual Agreement form.
  • We will help you choose an egg donor (if applicable).
  • Fly to Mumbai/India to deposit semen /own-egg stimulation.
  • Stage Two payment is made.
  • IVF procedure in Mumbai is initiated.
  • Implantation of the surrogate in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Stage Three payment is made upon heartbeat.
  • Stage Four, Five, Six payments are made at weeks 12/20/28.
  • Fly to Kenya!

Your first stage payment covers registration, surrogate’s preparation, donor egg selection (if applicable) our agency fees and legal fees for the contracts.  Please contact us at  to begin the V.I.P process.

Optional Escorted Trip

An additional airfare and accommodation of a few days will enable you to have an escort from UK We will provide your itinerary and ask the doctors/lawyer far reaching and pertinent questions on your behalf. You will still be met at your hotel by a member of our team.

If you have any questions on doing surrogacy or travelling abroad then please tell us as there are many strata and areas of surrogacy and not every couple is married or even heterosexual.