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  • Dear Bobby and Nikki,
    Firstly I want to congratulate you on your website, even if it is
    outrageous !
    D, Middle East
  • Hello,
    I am a 42 year old female who is engaged to a man 5 years my junior. We want to have children, but I had to have a hysterectomy two years ago. We are currently living in separate countries.
    Is it possible to come to India for all of the procedures necessary to have a child? In other words, him donating his sperm and me my eggs to harvest and then implant into a surrogate mother? Do you know much time this would all take? For example, would we have to go to India more than one time and do you have the information for us to do all of this?
    Also, what exactly happens after the surrogate has been impregnated? The parents to be leave and then return nine months later . . . to watch the deliver and then take their baby? Then there is more paper work to get the child out of India?
    Thank you very much in advance. Thank you also for your website!
    Best regards,
  • hello to you both what a wonderful couple you are, my name is L. I am 41 my husband,s name is I. he is Greek we have been living in Crete from 1996,from the start of our married life we have been desperate for a child due to many Unsuccessful I v f treatments and a miscarriage we still had hope but things went badly due to complications they removed my ovaries due to the op I had a Pulmonary embolism thankfully I made it ,this happened 9yrs ago, so you see our only hope is a surrogate with her eggs time is running out as my husband is now 42yrs old ha,ha he will kill me for saying that but seriously we would love more than life itself to have a surrogate from India to help us please can you help our dream come true thank you so much,I look forward to hearing from you,
    L, Europe
  • For Nikki Bobby
    a) Firstly, we would like thank you for preparing a very good website regarding overseas Surrogacy.
    b) We are a married couple who fit into the 1 in 6 fertility problems. We have tried various treatments including an unsuccessful IVF treatment. We are keen on surrogacy in India. We have family in Madras. So Madras would be our inclination.
    c) We would just like to get a clarification on 2 aspects.
    i) What is the legal procedure that needs to be done by us in the UK prior to surrogacy in India? Who do we need to report to and what legal documentation needs to be done? Are you able to recommend a lawyer that deals with these activities? We are thinking of either using a frozen embryo or going for a fresh cycle.
    ii) The process of applying for citizenship after the baby is born. We did see some aspects of this in the FAQ section where it referred to a MN(11) form. As far as we could understand, the Ist process is an application for parental order and then the next process is the application for British citizenship which takes approx. 3 months after the baby is born.
    Many thanks for your help in advance.
    SJ, India
  • Dear Nikki and Bobby,
    I accidentally bumped into your website today as I google Indian surrogacy. I saw Daisy's picture too.She is gorgeous..! So angel-like! I am so sorry to hear about your multiple failed surrogacy attempts.but hey but at the end you got an angel in your arms! Bless you three!
    R, Europe
  • Hi
    We are a married couple, we have 4 frozen embryos and are looking at going to Rotunda for a surrogate. Can you please tell us how to get a copy of your ebook. I have been reading through your website, can you please tell me why you had to stay for 2 months after the baby was born, is this really necessary, does it take that long to sort out the paperwork. Does you child have a British passport?
    So much information spinning round in my head.
    Kindest regards
    JD, Europe
  • Hi Guys, just wanted to say what fantastic and informative website you have created. I have been inspired and now want to go the gestational surrogacy route at Rotunda. Perhaps unusually I am a single male, aged 28 and desperately want a child of my own and have done for many years.
    I have emailed Rotunda and had a response with a breakdown of all the costs and procedures. I have also been asked to email a full personal history and post to them reports, sperm analysis etc.
    I have responded providing them what information I can think they might want and am waiting for a response about exactly what reports to send. I was hoping you could provide me with some guidance about exactly what I should expect over the coming months, what medical reports I need to get done on myself etc. so I can really get things moving.I dont want to wait any longer than I have to!!
    Thanks and Kindest Regards,
    T, Europe
  • Hello Nikki Bobby,
    I really enjoyed your website and wish both of you all the best in your trials to become a mother and father.
    I am North American (sorry, I know how you feel about that 🙂 )living in Europe with my European husband. My name is A and my husband is M. We has been together for just over 10 years and are still very much in love.
    We were lucky enough to have a son 9 years ago but during the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy I became very ill. My illness progressed so quickly and aggressively that 7 months after the birth of my son, I laid in the hospital under an induced coma for about a month and a half. Since then I have had many, many related abdominal surgeries
    I wont bore you with all the details, suffice to say that I cant get pregnant anymore (and will be 40 in August anyway- which doesn't help) and yet we still long for another child or two.
    We would like to use our own embryo and a surrogate just for the gestation of the child/children.
    Any help or recommendations that you could give would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind Regards, A
  • Hi, I just read your email and would like to know how to get a surrogate mother from India? I just had my first in vitro and it failed. It was devastating for me and my husband and I dont know if I could do another round. I have four embryos left, but need a surrogate mother. Any advise?
  • Hello,
    we are a European couple searching since two years for a surrogate mother,
    We found two times a person who wants to be a mother for us but the first one was a swindler.
    She wanted merely our money. We have noticed it, however, on time and with this it was finished! We were very sad and have begun to look out again.
    When we spoke with a friend about our hearts desire, she promised us enthusiastically that she would deliver our baby. We have carried out all medical necessary things. When the time of the transfer came, she got fear and cancelled it 2 days before by email. Then she was not accessible several weeks, although we want to make clear to her that we are not angry, only sad, and we can also understand her.
    Since then we are again in search of belly mummy, however, we do not know any more. Cots and surrogacy UK did not want to help us because we come from Germany. In the meantime, we have examined juridical side and have found a legal way. Apart from the fact we cannot simply afford more than a total of 60,000 €. We have paid already a lot for the medical interventions and the embryo storage.
    In our search we found your website and now we are hopeful that you can help us to find a belly mummy to bring our baby into life.
    Please contact us, even if you can not help us!
    In this reflects we thank beforehand for your trouble!
    Best regards SH
  • hello
    im P.
    i saw you web site about mother surrogate .
    I want to know exactly the price (all include) to got a baby !
    i want to be father what i have to do ! and how much for surrogate mother ?
  • Dear Sir/Madam
    Thanks for your guidance 23 years ago when my wife delivered i boy by cesarean , she got infected so 3 times with in a week her abdomen open !!! since then she could never carry the pregnancy to the end in each 4 times of pregnancy our child's dead in side the womb !!! Now i am 53 wife 42 I have healthy sperm but wife's egg not healthy we wish to have an egg donation with surrogate mother if that work by your assistance our dreams get to reality after 23 years we are prepare for the costs.Kindly advice.We are from Middle East with light skin (light wheat) , so the egg donor must be white good looking for safety of future matters.
    regards M
  • I want to be a father. My wife has lost her capacity to produce ovum.
    Harmonic treatment has been carried on to boost up ovulation, but the
    attempts were failed.
    Now I want a child of my own. Could you please bring any hope to my
    life. What to do, please advice me at your earliest.
    With Thanks.
    Yours sincerely N (India)
  • I am a New Zealander living in Europe briefly.
    My wife and I have been trying to have children for over 10 years now without success. We have undertaken IVF about 7 or 8 times and have tried herbalist and acupuncture. I think we have exhausted all other viable means which has prompted me to inquire about surrogacy. My wife will be 45 this year and I have just turned 50.
    It would appear that initially my wife was producing eggs but the lining of the uterus was not thick enough to sustain an embryo. Very soon after our first IVF attempts eggs production dropped rapidly. We have since tried donor eggs on three occasions and while the embryo would grow in the incubator they would not survive once implanted into the womb.
    So, you may not have needed all that information, but we have talked about surrogacy for a while now and would like to learn more about whether you have any suggestions at all please?
    Also, given all the problems we have had I have contemplated whether I may be prepared to be a sperm donor and help others. At my age this may be academic; am I too old to be a donor?
    Regards R
  • Hello,
    I am one of those unfortunates that had about 6 miscarriages with no diagnosis. we are Indian couples living in North America and looking for surrogates and egg donor in India.
    Pls. let me know if you can help.
    Thanks N
  • Hello !!
    Can anyone help us with a big problem? We need a surrogate mother to carry our baby. And we also need recommendation of a clinic where we can do all the prose.
    Best regrades to you.
  • Hi
    We are a New Zealand couple who like it seems many other couples have exhausted all avenues to have a baby in our lives. We are currently looking at surrogacy in America, however, as you are probably more than aware the costs are extremely high. I have come across your website and found it very interesting. However before I waste your time, can you answer the following question. Due to my age I will require an egg donor for the surrogacy, we are both of Irish and Scottish background, therefore does the Indian clinic offer egg donor from white women (I read that there is egg sharing is this egg sharing from white woman ). I would very very much appreciate any information you can offer.
    Many thanks.
  • Hi , bobby what a co incidence , my wife's name is also bobby. We r one of the unlucky couples who r living the life with out any hope of having kids , as i was reading your article gave me a hope which we lost long time back , that's the reason I am contacting you and see how we can get help from you . i hope u understand our pain and agony . we want to have a surrogates mother from India , at the same time we r from middle class family trying to survive in North America . u can be the gods sent messenger to us to give us the happiness and joy which we r lacking all our life till now .
    god bless you and your family
  • Me and husband is looking for surrogate mother to carry a baby for us.Hoping you could help us.I benn searching in the web for a while now but no one responded me yet with a reasonable price.My husband have a Indian Blood that why I tried to search for Indian woman and I got your website.
    Asking for help,
    Mr. Mrs A.
  • Hi
    My husband and I are interested in finding a surrogacy
    in India. Can you tell me what is the best way of
    doing this?
  • Hello,
    We are a couple hoping to get a surrogate mother to bear our child. We are
    able to have a good quality sperm and egg, am sure we will also have a good
    embryo, but complications limit us from bearing the child for 9 months.
    Please help us.
    We need to know your process / procedures.
  • Hi,
    We have done with the 3rd IVF (we ended it last week). We returned the 2 fresh embryos but we got negative results.
    We have 6 more frozen embryos.
    We dont want to have more IVFs (my wife is 32 years old and we dont want to waste more time and to start the surrogacy process only when we will get to the age of 35) and we would like to start it as fast as possible.
    We are coming to India (Mumbai) for one month and we would like to schedule a meeting with you.
    We would like to know:
    1. Is it possible to enter India our frozen embryos (using the special freezing box)?
    2. Can you assist us to find a surrogate mother?
    3. How soon can we start the process?
    4. How will the whole process cost?
    5. At the end of the process, how can we write the baby as our legal child?
    Please write us any information you can.
    Thanks and Regards