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Host/ Gestational Method

The surrogate will be given drugs to ‘switch her off’. This will stop her natural ovulation and allow doctors to implant embryos from another woman/donor in the surrogate’s womb. The surrogate will not be genetically related to the baby as the semen and eggs are from the intended couple or donor using an IVF process. This is the preferred surrogacy method in Kenya.

Straight/ Traditional Method

No medicine or treatment. Just simply to place the intended father’s sperm into the female surrogate via a syringe as often or little as one would like. This is a natural method and therefore may take several months for pregnancy to occur. The surrogate will have to donate her own eggs to the cause and therefore will be genetically related to the baby. Not done in Kenya.

This surrogate can for expedience sake go through the IVF process to collect her eggs and have them fertilized with intended father’s or donor semen and resulting embryos implanted back into the surrogate. Again she would be genetically related to the child. Not done in Kenya unless you bring your own surrogate!

Your Status

Very few cases are alike so to tailor your surrogacy we would need to understand your status. We would need to know which country you are residing in, which country you are citizen of as well as knowing whether you are married or single and if married whether it is an opposite sex or same sex marriage and whether you require an egg donor.


  • I’m using my own eggs
  • 15 days stay in Mumbai, India
  • I’m using Indian donor eggs
  • 1 – 5 day stay in Mumbai, India
  • I’m using my own frozen embryos
  • 1 – 5 day stay in Kenya
  • I’m using my donor I brought with me
  • 15 days stay in Mumbai, India
  • I’m using a donor from an agency
  • 1 – 5 day stay in India or Cambodia for oriental egg donor use.


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Contact us

home@africansurrogacy.com or Whatsapp +44 7869068248

Confirm Your Citizenship status

Scan any recent fertility reports

Obtain family doctor letter indicating unable to conceive and reason

Undergo any tests described by the clinic

Your surrogacy case will be outlined for you

Pay first stage fees by bank transfer & complete Mutual Agreement form

We will help you choose an egg donor (if applicable)

Fly to Mumbai/India to deposit semen /own-egg stimulation

Stage Two payment is made

IVF procedure in Mumbai

Implantation of the surrogate in Nairobi, Kenya

Stage Three payment is made upon heartbeat

Stage Four , Five, Six payments are made at weeks 12/20/28.

Fly to Kenya!

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Your first stage payment covers registration, surrogate’s preparation, donor egg selection (if applicable) our agency fees and legal fees for the contracts.  Please contact us at home@africansurrogacy.com  to begin the V.I.P process. Thank you.

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