Frozen Embryo Transplant (F.E.T.)

US$33,000 for Surrogacy + Embryo shipping cost (April 2017 prices)

A medical courier company will be found for you. They will communicate with your IVF clinic and co-ordinate your sample’s shipping over to Kenya.

We suggest you fly to Kenya for the embryo implantation onto your surrogate. There you can finalize any payment, be present for any paperwork signing and importantly, scout for a place to stay with your baby and this applies to all no matter what surrogacy method they use. For the initial week or two until you receive the birth certificate you will need to stay local. Afterwards you can find a more suitable and cheaper accommodation for longer term stay closer to shopping along with maids and nannies. Visit our accommodation page for this.

With any remaining embryos a second FET surrogacy attempt can be undertaken for only US$3,000. We would not charge our agency fees again should the re-attempt take place within 12 months.