Surrogacy Cost

In 2005 when we started our first of many surrogacy attempts the cost was only $12,000. Economical suicide to postpone or delay your treatment. For Donor Egg surrogacy prices please contact us.

The below are prices for a typical fresh own-egg IVF surrogacy cycle. Payable in six stages. The clinic will provide a surrogate for this amount and that includes normal delivery of the baby.

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The price includes:

Stage One payment ( January 2018 Fresh own-egg cycle )

US$11,500 to be paid on registration

  • Registration with Ambassadors Of Surrogacy
  • Consultation & Recruitment of Surrogate
  • Help with Donor Egg selection (if applicable)
  • Preparation of the Surrogate
  • Legal fees for Contracts

Stage Two payment IVF related costs

US$11,500 to be paid before the IVF procedure

  • Clinic & IVF fees for 1 cycle
  • IVF Drugs & Injections (under 35yrs)
  • Embryo Transfer into surrogate
  • Embryo Shipping to Kenya

Should your first attempt fail, a second fresh own-egg attempt combined stage 1+2 fee would be around $12,000. Should you have surplus frozen embryos stored in Kenya then stage 1+2 would only be around $3,000. We would not charge our agency fees if re-attempts are within 12 months.

Stage Three payment Surrogate care

US$4,000 to be paid at detection of heartbeat

  • Housing and feeding the surrogate
  • Antenatal care & Ultrasounds
  • Social Workers

Stage Four payment Surrogate care

US$5,500 Due at week 12

  • Surrogate’s reimbursement

Stage Five payment Surrogate care

US$5,500 Due at week 20

  • Surrogate’s reimbursement

Stage Six payment Delivery

US$5,500 Due at week 28

  • Normal no complication delivery
  • Final nursing , housing and caretakers fees

TOTAL – US$43,500 for Fresh own-egg IVF Surrogacy cycle

Price includes birth certificate, standard normal delivery of the baby with no complications. But any caesarean, ectopic, miscarriage or other delivery related expenses of either the surrogate or the baby will be met by intended parents including fetus reduction.Prices exclude flights, accommodation, legal fees and other fees to obtain the child’s passport. Prices exclude any non-standard tests, semen or embryo freezing, pregnancy complications, PGS gender selection, DNA paternity testing, pre-delivery and post-delivery hospitalization of the surrogate and any NICU care for the child beyond the first few days.For a complete cost breakdown and schedule tailored to your requirement please contact us for your surrogacy services. Thank you.

From our FAQ page:

Why is the cost of surrogacy in Kenya higher than in India?

The cost of IVF treatment per se in Kenya is relatively higher compared to even places like India. The reason for that is there aren’t too many IVF clinics in Kenya, and everything practically is imported into the country. Therefore until there are larger number of clinics are open up eventually, the cost of IVF and the treatment associated with fertility and the drugs etc would remain relatively high. To give you an example even simple medication such as paracetamol is actually imported from India into Nairobi. You can imagine that the cost of imported drugs in Africa is very high.