Very Important Patients

Foreign couples seeking surrogate mothers need to consider a variety of issues right from co-ordination with the clinics to the legal issue surrounding surrogacy. In such a complex and challenging scenario it becomes worthwhile to have someone on your side who knows and understands the nitty-gritty of the matter. Bobby and Nikki the Ambassadors of Surrogacy will help, advise and walk you through the whole process of the surrogacy treatment and it’s options to you in Kenya.

Surrogacy treatment would naturally require you take life-changing decisions. We can become the best person to guide you in the right direction. Help you with legal formalities like collection of birth certificate, baby’s passport and other documentation necessary for your return home. Accommodation suggestions and details will be given along with  local transport services.

When you come to collect your baby we can provide invaluable assistance in finding maids and nannies for the duration of your stay with the baby. Caring for your newborn can be a challenge so become a VIP patient and put your worries behind you. Opt for a VIP surrogacy treatment in otherwise a challenging experience which surrogacy has become.

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  • You will be given priority at the clinic
  • The best available surrogate and egg donor given to you
  • Help in selecting and choosing an Egg Donor
  • How to start Surrogacy Guidance & Checklist
  • How to obtain Kenyan Visa Guidance & Checklist
  • Greeted at Hotel by our staff
  • Escorted trips to clinic
  • Taking too long to find your surrogate? Want to queue jump?
  • Discover where to stay with your eventual baby economically and find maids/nannies at lower cost to you
  • Logistics and a vital ‘to do list’ when collecting your baby Guidance & Checklist
  • Baby items from west/Kenya shopping list
  • Popular Swahili words list
  • How to get your baby home (the exhaustive UK method) Guidance & Checklist
  • Surrogacy Specialist lawyer ready to assist your return home
  • Our Free ebook whilst you baby sit!

There are a thousand and one other things to also consider when contemplating surrogacy. This is where we can assist by offering our surrogacy experience, knowledge and advice. Begin by filling out the form above and to the right. Thank you.

Optional Escorted Trip

An additional airfare and accommodation of a few days will enable you to have an escort from UK. We will provide your itinerary and ask the doctors/lawyer far reaching and pertinent questions on your behalf. You would still be met at your hotel by one of our team.

If you have any questions on doing surrogacy or traveling abroad then please tell us as there are many strata and areas of surrogacy and not every couple is married or even heterosexual.